March 2022
Kilts and all

  Marriage of Roland and David in Melbourne Botanic Gardens brought in magnificent style and presentation with the great touch of clansmanship and Scottish heritage, the marriage between Roland and David was one of my recent great pleasures. “Thank you for helping to make our wedding exactly what we wanted it to be. You set…

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Marriage Equality on JOY FM Radio

A recent interview by JOY FM radio Peter Norden AO¬†@melbournepeter¬†is a former Jesuit and now an inclusive civil marriage celebrant. He talks about the big day, marriage equality and more.   Listen in here: Peter Norden on JOY FM radio  

Marriage is now a choice for all

The date of December 7, 2017 is one to remember. it is when the Australian Government legitimised the celebration of Marriage between same-sex couples, and through this amendment to the Marriage Act of 1961, has allowed all residents of Australia the freedom of choice, if they decide to marry. I would be pleased to be…

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